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‘United’ is the first word in United States of America. Yet we argue among ourselves – somehow convinced that our cousins and neighbors are the enemy. The real truth is that it is good for us to share many opinions.

Diversity is strength, here’s an example: If the entire nation grew a single strain of super-wheat this would maximize the crop’s yield and maximize our profit. Sounds good at first, but the first bug or bacteria that manages to infest this strain of wheat will destroy the entire crop. We need diversity to protect our food supply – we need more than one strain of wheat.

The future will always surprise us. This is why we need more than one strain of wheat. This is why we need both Republicans and Democrats.

When I was young, TV news and newspapers would tell you the facts and leave the opinion up to you. If they did give you an opinion – it was hidden between the sports and the weather.

Today, newspapers are fading and Cable News is the new norm. Cable News places opinion front and center. This makes them very popular but it has driven a wedge between us. Your cousin with ‘crazy’ political views isn’t trying to destroy America – they just think differently than you (this is diversity).

CNN and MSNBC are the Democrat news. Fox is the Republican news. So unless you like to be told what to think, you need to watch both Democrat and Republican news. When you are partisan you sometimes put party ahead of country – so any True Patriot will have the courage to watch both Republican and Democrat news.

If you still can’t convince yourself to watch the ‘other’ cable news, remember this: Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

By Randy Bredell

Randy was born and raised near Fargo, ND and has been living in the Carolinas for 20 years, so he has been around. Randy is trying to bridge the angry partisan divide in our great Nation.

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  1. Amen brother. I’m also tired of listening to the partisan loudmouths – they’re like a dull knife, talking loud but saying nothing.

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