Our current two party system has purposely eliminated the possibility of any real elections or debates from ever occurring. This is why we need other political parties to be allowed in debates. This is why we need other political parties to appear on ballots. Don’t even get me started on gerrymandering voting districts. Our Nation has been served a great injustice by limiting our voting possibilities to ‘Choice A’ or ‘Choice B’.

Enormous roadblocks have been placed to prevent any other political parties from appearing on the ballot or taking part in any debates. The Libertarian and Green parties both have legitimate concerns that resonate with a large number of Americans, but these established parties spend 99% of their time and effort just getting on the ballot. The existing roadblocks are designed to protect the current people in power – roadblocks so ridiculous that they prevent these parties from appearing on ballots or in debates. The least we should do is to allow these parties in the debates, but that would be way too damn ‘democratic’ for the current bi-partisan climate.

Having more political parties would allow us to have real debates with real questions. Currently all we get is whitewashed PR boilerplate from the two parties, they offer no real solutions. And of course, the partisan cable news networks further propagate these false notions. We really need to have more parties allowed to participate in our democracy.

By Randy Bredell

Randy was born and raised near Fargo, ND and has been living in the Carolinas for 20 years, so he has been around. Randy is trying to bridge the angry partisan divide in our great Nation.