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Reasonable people do not shout enough. Unreasonable people shout all the time. This is the biggest problem with American politics.

When rabble rousers shout nonsense – reasonable people throw their hands in the air and quietly walk away. We can not walk away any longer. We can not stay quiet any longer.

You can not expect to win an argument with a partisan zealot, the best thing to do is make a reasonable argument in a loud voice. You won’t convince the zealot to change their mind but you might convince some of the others listening.

What does it mean to be a Middle of the Road Provocateur?
The main point is to bring people together – to bridge the partisan divide – to come together in the Middle of the Road. Partisan rhetoric is not the answer. We need to find the middle ground in the partisan arguments and shout loudly about it. BE REASONABLE! would be a good thing to start shouting.

To increase their ratings, partisan politicians and partisan news channels are willing to drive wedges between us. Fighting against these large forces is like shouting at a hurricane; this is why you must be a little provocative. Being provocative is the only way you stand a chance of getting any attention in this social-media driven world.

By Randy Bredell

Randy was born and raised near Fargo, ND and has been living in the Carolinas for 20 years, so he has been around. Randy is trying to bridge the angry partisan divide in our great Nation.