angry kid

Nine out of Ten children agree that Grandpa is very grumpy after watching cable news.

We love Grandpa. He is so much fun. But then he watches cable news and his mood changes. It’s weird. His face gets red and he yells at the TV. This is very funny to watch but he gets really mad when he catches you laughing. Then at dinner he starts repeating things from the cable news. This annoys Grandma and she explains that ‘you can only vote once every two years so there’s no point getting angry about it every day’. This makes Grandpa angry again.

It’s also weird when people come over for dinner. When Aunt Alice comes over, Grandpa and her repeat the same cable news phrases to each other and smile and they drink a lot. It’s even weirder when Uncle Steve comes over because Grandpa repeats his cable news phrases and Steve says different phrases back to Grandpa. But instead of smiling at each other they get mad and they also drink a lot. Me and Lizzy think Steve watches a different cable news channel.

But the best suppers are when everyone is there like on Thanksgiving. It’s so funny, they all start out nice but then Grandpa and Alice start to annoy Steve with cable news talk then Steve says his phrases and then they get loud until Grandma nicely tells them all to be quiet. Then comes the best part, Great Uncle Bob explains that ‘for-profit cable news has a partisan bias – so you need to watch ALL of the cable news channels to get the full picture’. OMG! After Bob said that I swear this is the only time Me and Lizzy have ever seen grownups in a food fight.

By Randy Bredell

Randy was born and raised near Fargo, ND and has been living in the Carolinas for 20 years, so he has been around. Randy is trying to bridge the angry partisan divide in our great Nation.