About Randy’s Rants

I was born and raised near Fargo, ND and have been living in the Carolinas for 20+ years, so I’ve been around. My purpose here is to bridge the angry partisan divide in our great Nation.

I was raised as a Reagan Republican, then during my college years I leaned towards Democrats. When I started working for a living my ideals shifted Libertarian for a number of years. Then I finally realized a core truth about Democracy: The best answer lies in the middle of the road. This is when I became a committed Independent. Political parties have ideological solutions, not practical ones. So the best solution is the solution that arises from compromise. That’s right, the core strength of Democracy is compromise!

Partisan thinking divides our great nation. When we draw battle lines between ourselves, we become weak. Tactics from Sun Tzu’s Art of War are being used against us in the name of political victory and television ratings: Divide and Conquer. The hard truth is that politicians and cable news pundits only care about their own personal power; they don’t give a damn about you and they don’t really care about keeping America strong. They just want more personal power and they will look you in the eye and lie to get it.

By being a ‘Middle of the Road Provocateur’ I hope to bring a few more angry partisans back into the middle with the rest of us. Your neighbors and relatives with different views are not the enemy. Listen to them with open ears and realize that we are stronger when we are united. So come join us in the middle of the road, the weather is nice here.

– Randy Bredell